Reflection theories and pedagogies: cross-disciplinary perspectives


What is this series about?

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What is reflection? How does it work? How do we apply it to our scholarly work and practice? What does it mean to be a reflective practitioner? What are key theories of reflection? How can these inform the way we teach and assess reflection to our students?

These, and many other questions such as these, will be explored in an exciting new seminar series organised by CLAD & Learning Spaces in 2016-17. We will host a number of scholars from Birmingham and beyond, who will discuss theoretical and practical aspects of reflective practice.

There are two types of contributions to this series – contributions attending to theory and contributions offering examples of practice.

The series considers key theoretical approaches to reflection on a chronological basis. This allows for a deeper understanding of the origin and development of the concept of reflection, and facilitates a considered examination of the different approaches to reflective practice.

The practice sessions will not always be linked to a particular theorist, though it is intended that the theories may guide the consideration of these examples.

There series offers an opportunity for those attending to take part in discussions and to share ideas and perspectives.

Is it for me?

This series is open to everyone, and will be of particular interest to:

  • Anyone interested in exploring the theoretical underpinnings of reflective practice, and diverse theoretical approaches to reflection
  • Anyone interested in hearing about good practice, and sharing their own
  • Anyone involved in teaching and assessing reflective practice
  • Anyone currently involved in reflective writing

For further information contact the organisers Petia Petrova [] and Marios Hadjianastasis [].


The series will take place at the Centre for Learning and Academic Development & Learning Spaces, Watson Building, University of Birmingham, Birmingham B15 2TT.

Booking for this series

Given the nature of the series we recommend that you consider attending all of the seven seminars if practicable. To book, please e-mail .