Online resource: Angelo Martini’s Manuale di Metrologia

Angelo Martini’s Manuale di metrologia, ossia misure, pesi e monete in uso attualmente e anticamente presso tutti i popoli (Turin, 1883) is an extremely useful reference work. The resource is scanned into jpeg files and hosted by the Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense. While you can view the resource page-by-page, by clicking the arrow pointing upwards (on the top right of the page) you can view all the images within a particular section. The index on the initial page is also great, and by pressing ctrl+F on your keyboard, you can search the page for the term you want-and then click the link to see the page scan. I looked for ‘Cipro’ and I was instructed to ‘vedi Nicosia’, where you can find this page (click page for larger version):

Needless to say this is extremely handy, especially if you want quick access to a metrology manual and you can’t carry the book with you.