16th Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies Postgraduate Colloquium 30 May 2015

Where does the time go? Once upon a time, I was lucky to be one of many friends and colleagues involved in the organisation of the first ever PG Colloquium at the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies at Birmingham. Sixteen years on, and this event has really taken off-thanks to the continuing efforts, and enterprising endeavour, of current postgrads. It has gone from a casual gathering which aimed to report on our own research at the Centre-and encourage exchange amongst us-to a fully-fledged international conference for postgraduate researchers.

Its function is multiple: it serves as a fantastic platform for new scholars to showcase their work, practise their craft, and, finally, disseminate their work across the institution and beyond.

This year’s offering is impressive: the chronological, thematic and  disciplinary layers are all woven together. We have everything from Byzantine art history, studies on the Veneto-Greek ‘space’,  a sprinkling of Kazantzakis, economic history of the Ottoman period alongside the antique world. We have contributions from Greece, Finland, Italy and Germany, all perfectly complementing an array of contributions from across the UK. Add to that the planned visits to the Cadbury Research Library and the Barber Coin Collection and then you realise that this is a little gem of an event.

That this activity has been taking place annually, at such a high level of scholarship and exchange, is nothing short of spectacular. Is it time we gave this event the recognition it deserves, as a focal point in the calendar of Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies? It is not by coincidence that this incredible event flourished here. We have the only example of a ‘symbiotic’ Centre, truly interdisciplinary in nature, and, quite frankly, unique. We must protect both at all costs.

For a programme click here. Registration is essential, especially for the visits, as spaces are limited. Please contact cbomgs.colloquium@gmail.com to register, no later than 13 May.